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price for direct conversion detectors

As a general rule of thumb, most dbm's have a conversion loss in the 5-7db range. this is easily made up by a post-mixer if amplifier. note that the conversion loss is listed for both level 7 and level 4 mixers, to show the slight difference in driving a level 7 mixer with only +3 or +4db of drive.
Direct-conversion flat-panel x-ray image detectors s.o. kasap and j.a. rowlands abstract: flat-panel x-ray image detectors have been shown to be suitable to replace the conventional x-ray filmjscreen cassettes for medical radiography (static or snapshot imaging).
Other applications availablecall or e-mail for price. if you have any questions or wish to purchase one of our direct drive conversion kits, please email us or call 903-892-8551. * price for kits equipped with belt drive alternators. ** limited availability, call or email to confirm stock.
Fixed detectors: in this configuration, a detector is installed into the chest stand of the existing system. it can be an excellent option for chiropractic x-ray rooms or in combination with a second detector that stays in the table tray. a dual-detector setup like this eliminates the need to swap the detector between procedures.

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