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digital radiography x ray diffraction system 50kw generator

Multix impact is a high-end, floor-mounted radiography system that comes at an economical price and improves access to care. its welcoming design and user-friendly digital imaging capabilities help you produce excellent images in a more personal way and make a positive impression on everyone involved.
Complete veterinary digital x-ray package deal. the jpi directvet 110-volt dr system does not require any special preparations, power supplies, or construction. the generator and the plate slide on rails up and down the length of the table.
The product adopts the new structure, new materials and intermediate frequency technology, the high voltage transformer operating frequency up to intermediate frequency, maximum limit reduces the volume and weight of the x-ray generator, the maximum transmission capability of a product compared with the traditional frequency portable x-ray machine is improved by more than 20%,
Canon radpro urs – universal radiography system . the radpro® urs universal radiography system offers features for fast, simple patient positioning. the system’s u-arm design maintains constant alignment between the x-ray tube and image receptor, regardless of tilt position or image receptor angle.

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