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OEM flat panel x ray detector in Greece

Jan 08, 2016 · msl flat panel detector video,flat panel detectors are used in direct digital radiography for conversion of x-rays to light or charge which. category pets & animals
Flat panel detectors (fpd) are used in direct digital radiography (ddr) for the conversion of x-rays to light (indirect conversion) or charge (direct conversion) which is read out using a thin film transistor (tft) array.. types. indirect conversion fpds. outermost layer is scintillator: phosphor screen (cesium iodide or gadolinium oxysulfide) detector: based on amorphous silicon photodiode
Flat-panel detectors are a class of solid-state x-ray digital radiography devices similar in principle to the image sensors used in digital photography and video. they are used in both projectional radiography and as an alternative to x-ray image intensifiers (iis) in fluoroscopy equipment.
17” x 17” flat panel detector can be installed into any x-ray system. due to its excellent diagnostic image quality and low radiation dose it allows the system to achieve high overall performance. powerful dira software can be customized for oem specific requirements to

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