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Factory for direct conversion detectors

Garrett academy. become a dealer. mine/erw detectors. privacy and legal. iso 9001 certified. counterfeit notice.
An electronic signature is produced for each ion, which gives an indication of the type and relative concentration of agent present. ims detectors are used mainly to detect nerve, blister, and blood agents. examples of ims detectors include the chemical agent monitor (cam), improved chemical agent monitor (icam),...
Coupled with the small pixel sizes achievable with tft technology, a-se direct conversion detectors can thus provide high spatial resolution. this high spatial resolution, coupled with a-se's relative high quantum detection efficiency for low energy photons (< 30 kev), motivate the use of this detector configuration for mammography , in which high resolution is desirable to identify
Stockholm-based direct conversion, also known by its ajat and xcounter brands, is a leading manufacturer and marketer of linear array digital detectors utilizing direct conversion

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