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digital radiogrpahy x ray machine fast delivery

Known worldwide for image quality, canon inc. pioneered dr technology with the introduction of the world's first digital radiography detector in 1997. clinical images. angiography, fluoroscopy, and radiography all together to increase the capabilities of imaging within an r&f space. clinical gallery. upcoming x-ray events. press releases for x-ray.
Cr digital x-ray for your veterinary hospital. improve your x-ray images and make your hospital more profitable with a new system. with a cr digital x-ray the plates are portable, and you can save on your investment upfront.
Dr systems one detector goes with yougrows with you. there’s a smarter way to go digital with the carestream drx family of dr systems. with the x-factor, a single wireless detector works across all your drx equipment to convert, expand or replace existing imaging solutions.the full line of digital x-ray systems combines compatible, scalable components to meet today’s needs and
Digital x-ray 2002 eklin edr 3 plus 2 generators diagnostic x-ray unit model: px-20hf serial number: 20-0209-014 input power: ac 100v~120v 1 phase 50/60 hz output: 40 ~ 90kv 15/20ma insterted x-ray tube(toshiba) model: d-124 focal spot: 12mm x 1.2mm total min. inh. filt 2.5mm al 90kv poskom millennium technology laser light beam ...

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