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best UC Arm digital x ray system

Dr. seibert is a professor and assistant chair of informatics, department of radiology, university of california davis medical center, sacramento, ca.. digital radiography detector systems were first implemented for medical applications in the mid 1980s, but the promise of digitalimaging was not realized until the early 1990s, in conjunction with the establishment of first generation picture ...
From a traditional stationary xray room to an integrated digital u-arm or straight arm x-ray, we have your x-ray solution. as the authorized distributor and systems integrator for leading manufacturers and with our nationwide team of service engineers, proximus medical is your local x-ray system and service provider.
There are cr systems (i.e. systems that use photostimulable phosphors) that incorporate the plate reader into the x-ray equipment so that for the operator there is little difference between the two. dr itself is divided into two main classes: indirect dr and direct dr (often referred to as ddr).

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