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best flat panel x ray detector in Greece

Thales’ portable flat panel detectors for x-ray imaging provide outstanding image quality, while being ultralight, robust and autonomous, optimizing examination conditions and workflow.
Jul 22, 2006 · flat-panel detectors for x-ray imaging: thin film transistor arrays. amorphous silicon (a-si) thin-film-transistor (tft) arrays represent the technological research and monetary investment in the creation of compact displays for laptop computers, begun in the late 1980s.
Flat-panel detectors are more sensitive and faster than film. their sensitivity allows a lower dose of radiation for a given picture quality than film. for fluoroscopy, they are lighter, far more durable, smaller in volume, more accurate, and have much less image distortion than x-ray image intensifiers and can also be produced with larger areas.
Abstract. the general electric (ge) revolution tm family of a-si flat panel digital x-ray detectors demonstrate outstanding sensitivity and resolution. the dxr-500 version, with 100- micron pixel pitch, has sufficient resolution to provide mtf over 20% at 5 lp/mm in a variety of industrial digital radiography applications.

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