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trade for digital fluoroscopy x ray unit in Greece

Specification of the 50ma fluoroscopy & radiography mobile x-ray unit: 1. this 50ma mobile x-ray system can be used in ward and emergency treatment room for fluoroscopy and radiography.
Siemens provides a wide range of fluoroscopy systems to address your needs in fluoroscopy and radiography. remote and tableside fluoroscopy systems remote-controlled fluoroscopy systems with the x-ray tube over the patient table.
The reinvigorated market for medical imaging systems employing x-rays has undoubtedly been propelled by the explosion of digital technology. but also, the expanded role of imaging modalities in a whole host of clinical applications from trauma to cancer to cardiology has increased the profile of radiography while enabling computer technologies expand the usefulness of traditional []
Fluoroscopy is an imaging modality that allows real-time x-ray viewing of a patient with high temporal resolution. it is based on an x-ray image intensifier coupled to a still/video camera. in recent years flat panel detectors (which are similar to the digital radiography used in projection radiography ) have been replacing the image intensifiers.

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