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For the x-ray examination output to be correct, the x-ray technician must take into account a number of factors influencing the x-ray image quality, i.e., exposure conditions selected based on the medical procedure applied, the patient body constitution, the x-ray image recording method [2-4], and the x-ray unit technical condition.
In january 2019, the mobile x-ray unit amadeo m mini was cleared by the fda for the us market. the lightweight, digital complete solution is suitable for outdoor use as well as for bed images in hospitals or nursing homes. functional and reliable: the system is advanced and impresses with its modern design. all necessary components such as x ...
Analogue x-ray film overview. a universal film with high contrast in the low densities to ensure sharp and detailed images. green or blue-sensitive film, suited for a complete range of radiology applications. technical specifications. for medical printing of greyscale images on 168μm pet;
X-ray imaging leaders around the world trust kiran cassettes for their superior image clarity and minimum patient dose. durable, reliable, and accompanied with some of the world’s best after-sales service, our cassettes meet and surpass international quality standards.

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