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Manufacturer for vehicle use x ray machine in Greece

Comet industrial x-ray comet industrial x-ray develops and manufactures metal/ceramic x-ray sources, and the related components, for the non-destructive examination of materials in the automotive, aviation pipeline and steel industries, and also for the stationary and mobile inspection of baggage and cargo at airports and borders.
Nelco offers a range of x-ray-based vehicle/ container scanning solutions for various locations including port, check posts, military depots and octroi posts. the systems are targeted to address the needs of law enforcement agencies to help them detect attempts to evade duty, taxes or octroi.
The vacis ® ip6500 fullscan system is a powerful, practical solution for scanning cargo containers, trucks and other vehicles in high-volume operations. its x-ray imaging and radiation scanning help security personnel intercept weapons, nuclear material and other contraband hidden in containers.
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