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custom conventional x ray system in Greece

Conventional radiography involves the use of x-rays; the term “plain x-rays” is sometimes used to distinguish x-rays used alone from x-rays combined with other techniques (eg, ct). for conventional radiography, an x-ray beam is generated and passed through a patient to a piece of film or a radiation detector, producing an image.
The phi quantes is the only automated, high-throughput lab-based haxpes spectrometer on the market. it is a unique scanning x-ray photoelectron microprobe that combines a high energy (haxpes) monochromatic x-ray source (chromium k α) with a conventional monochromatic soft x-ray source (aluminum k α).
Choose the perfect divario product to complete your cost-effective cr system: divario cr-t2: compact, high-speed desktop unit for standard x-ray examinations in veterinary medicine the divario cr-t2 is a desktop imaging plate reader for veterinary digital radiography with a maximum throughput of 73 cassettes per hour.

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