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high quality direct conversion detectors

Usefulness of direct‐conversion flat‐panel detector system as a quality assurance tool for high‐dose‐rate 192ir source. abstract. the routine quality assurance (qa) procedure for a high‐dose‐rate (hdr) radioactive source is an important task to
Hexagonal boron nitride (h-bn) is highly promising for solid-state thermal neutron detector applications due to its many outstanding physical properties, especially its very large thermal neutron capture cross- section ( 103840 barns for b), which is several orders of magnitude larger than those of most other isotopes.
Direct conversion detectors use an amorphous selenium detector to convert the radiation to electric charges. spatial resolution is maintained from the tft array and the charge is stored in the tft before it is amplified, digitized, and processed in the computer
Direct conversion: amorphous selenium detector amorphous selenium is a photoconductor, which is a material that will pass an electrical charge on irradiation. it is deposited on the amorphous silicon tft array as a single layer of material (fig. 5.9). the upper surface is bonded to an electrode connected to a high positive potential.

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