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best direct conversion detectors in Greece

May 09, 2011 · the best fit μτ products of ... modified a-se harp structures represent the future of a-se photodetectors in medical x-ray imaging in both direct conversion detectors for low energy applications; and in indirect conversion detectors for fluoroscopic applications [131,137].
The avalanche multiplication in a-se/pi device was confirmed at high bias voltages through optical tof measurements. although for the device tested in this study the a-se layer was 56 μm thick, typical a-se thicknesses for commercial direct conversion x

Researchers from the graphene flagship, working at the university of cambridge (uk), emberion (uk), the institute of photonic sciences (icfo; spain), nokia uk, and the university of ioannina (greece) have developed a novel graphene-based pyroelectric bolometeran infrared (ir) detector with record high sensitivity for thermal detection, capable of resolving temperature changes

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