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custom flat panel x ray detector in Greece

Digital x-ray imaging flat-panel x-ray detector. flat-panel x-ray detector (fpxd) technology has developed rapidly in the last decade, fueled by improvements in large-area amorphous silicon (α-si) thin-film transistor (tft) arrays, and innovations in deposition techniques for scintillators and photoconductors.
There are two types of flat panel detectors (fpd) used in digital x-ray: direct, using a-se (amorphous selenium) to convert x-rays directly to electricity; and indirect using a-si (amorphous silicon) and phosphor plates. these plates are semiconductor products constructed based on thin-film transistor (tft) film. the direct type, a-se detector, converts x-ray photons when exposed,
X-ray flat panel sensors that combine a large-area cmos image sensor and a fiber optic plate with scintillator (fos). can acquire high-definition, megapixel-level digital video and still images without distortion. with its thin profile and light weight, a flat panel sensor is

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