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export conventional x ray machine in Greece

He was, in fact, observing the bremsstrahlung produced by electron interactions. he called the radiation ”x-rays,“ using the letter ”x“ to designate something unknown. nowadays, these rays are also called roentgen rays. roentgen’s radiographing of his own and his wife’s hands marked the beginning of the use of x-rays in the healing arts.
Feb 05, 2015 · components of x-ray machine. 3. • the operating console allows the radiologic technologist to control the x-ray tube current and voltage so that the useful x- ray beam is of proper quantity and quality. • radiation quantity refers to the number of x-rays or the intensity of the x-ray beam.
X-ray rooms have come a long way in the last 20 years and we want to make sure your x-ray rooms will continue to serve your needs well into the future. if you still have an analog / film x-ray system have no fearwe fully service and support those systems and
The company operates in a single segment, which develops, manufactures, markets and conducts technical servicing of medical equipment, including diagnostic x-ray, medical x-ray ct, mri, diagnostic ultrasound, radiation therapy and diagnostic nuclear medicine systems, as well as medical sample testing equipment and information systems for medical equipment.

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