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custom U Arm digital x ray system in Greece

Dr systems one detector goes with yougrows with you. there’s a smarter way to go digital with the carestream drx family of dr systems. with the x-factor, a single wireless detector works across all your drx equipment to convert, expand or replace existing imaging solutions.the full line of digital x-ray systems combines compatible, scalable components to meet today’s needs and
Compact amadeo z x-ray systems are ideal for use in field hospitals (containers) as well as in military hospitals and medical military bases. the system is fully motorised, compact, and designed for ceiling heights over 2.4 m. radiological positioning for all examinations, including full spine and long leg imaging via stitching is effortless.
Armonicus main featurescompact and flexible u-arm design for extended use, including general radiographic, emergency and orthopaedic studiesconfigurable with either manual or automatic collimator, for complete system customizationwide choice of x-ray tubes (normal or hi-speed) and generators (from 50 kw to 80 kw) for compliance with any diagnostic needtouch screen

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