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truck mobile hopsital manufacturer

Mobile field hospital- as highly flexible and integrated medical care organizations. get deployed quickly and securely mobile field hospital wherever main clinical care is much needed. mobile hospital offers medical services to wounded patients near the war zone or any other place before moving them to the permanent hospital.
Combining tentage and containers, the odulair un level i mobile field hospital is designed and manufactured into three main areas: resuscitation and stabilization, treatment and minor surgery, holding/observation with capacity for treatment of 20 ambulatory patients per day, holding capacity of 5 patients for up to 2 days, and enough stock of medical supplies to cover 60 days of
At mobile specialty vehicles, we build vehicles to meet the varied needs of our clients. a few of the areas that our units can fulfill include blood collection, mammography, vision, dental, audiology and primary health care (phc).
Mobile medical clinic. non-cdl, expanding side system, on-board generator. mobile mammography truck. 45' length, 6-ton cooling with heat strip, wheel chair accessible, 40' expanding side system. medical trailer. 53' medical treatment and in-take trailer. mobile dentistry truck. expanding side dental truck. dental office truck. on-board dental ...

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