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OEM x ray unit for cancer hospital in Greece

Dec 11, 2019 · interventional radiologists use minimally- invasive image-guided such as x-ray, computed tomography (ct), magnetic resonance imaging (mri), or ultrasound to diagnose or treat diseases involving most organs in the body.
The mammography machines are used for breast x-rays. the machine is featured with compatibility of digital stereotactic biopsy device. furthermore, it is integrated with high frequency x-ray generator and has a motorized breast compression with digital display of comp. force.
Radiation oncology is one of the three major cancer specialties in oncologic medicine. it uses energy from radiation beams, radio isotopes, or charged particles to target tumors and to eradicate cancer cells. radiation beams are usually generated in treatment machines, such as linear accelerators or high-energy ct...
Crete area medical center, one of the finest rural health facilities in nebraska, offers inpatient and outpatient hospital services as well as physician clinics to care for you and your family in the convenience of your community. part of bryan health, the 24-bed critical access hospital is located 25 minutes south of lincoln, neb.

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