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high quality C Arm x ray machine trader

High quality china c arm x ray systemkpet dr5500j veterinary pet animal digital radiography x ray imaging dr system – hd medical detail: standard design of bed surface with a wider range of application is suitable for inspections for all small, medium and large animals.
Airtouch is a compact, portable x-ray machine that allows the operator to take high-quality x-ray images.
1.high-end fusion, smart one. 2.big arm space, convenient place. 3.electric control, touch and move. 4.dynamic tablet, high-definition imaging. 5.the digital system is connected with wisdom. 6.remote exposure, away from radiation. bpm is the best c-arm x-ray machine
The o-arm o2 imaging system is a mobile x-ray system designed for 2d fluoroscopic and 3d imaging for adult and pediatric patients weighing 60 lbs or greater and having an abdominal thickness greater than 16cm, and is intended to be used where a physician benefits from 2d and 3d information of anatomic structures and objects with high x-ray attenuation such as bony anatomy

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