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high quality digital radiography x ray unit in Greece

Jun 13, 2005 · radiographic imaging equipment. x rays are produced by bombarding a metal target by high energy electrons. in conventional radiography, x rays passed through the human body are absorbed, which causes attenuation of the incident beam. the uniform x ray beam emitted from the source is modulated as it passes through the human body and these changes are recorded on
Layer of the image receptor/ reader of digital radiography that consists of many pixels (over 1 million) that contain photodiodes, tfts, and possibly a phosphor if it is used for indirect digital radiography. it stores the image from the phosphor until it is converted to a digital image.

With its high-productivity, innovative features and zeroforce technology offering high speed, precision and movement, the fully automated ceiling suspended dr 600 streamlines workflow, increases throughput and enhances the experience of patients and operators alike, even in the busiest imaging environment.

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