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x ray system for imaging center company

X-ray is an imaging technique that is useful in the detection of pathology of the skeletal system. x-rays are also useful for detecting some disease processes in soft tissue. using low-dose electromagnetic radiation, x-rays are used to diagnose disease by making pictures of the inside of the body. with digital x-ray, images are available instantly.
Fischer bloom. dating back to 1910, fischer medical technologies has designed, manufactured, and marketed medical technology in the areas of radiography and electrophysiology. the oldest manufacturer of x-ray imaging devices in the united states, the company has gained recognition by bringing advanced systems to market.
X-ray imaging technology is the most fundamental as well as the first method that has been used in contraband inspection. nuctech company limited, with radiation imaging as its core technology, is a security inspection solution and service supplier producing high-tech security inspection products with proprietary intellectual property rights.
X-ray: the digital x-ray system produces images of the skeletal system to detect fracture, arthritis, and displacement. x-ray is also used to detect various abnormalities in the chest or lungs. the picture archive communications system (pacs)

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