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mobile occupational disease hospital factory

The major purpose of this thesis is to identify occupational health hazard among female worker in a readymade garment factory, namely hisham apparels ltd. other objectives are to identify the health status of female worker’s in the industry and to assess the relationship of socio-demographic factors such as age with the physical problem.
Apr 24, 2020 · republic aviation corp., finding that contracting tb through contact with a fellow bench worker in an aircraft factory was not a special hazard that
Jan 01, 2019 · a disease burden analysis of garment factory workers in bangladesh: proposal for annual health screening. solinap g(1), wawrzynski j(1), chowdhury n(2)(3), zaman h(3), abid t(4)(3), hoque ta(3), afrooz s(3), hamid i(3), tanjin r(3), tabassum ct(3), paramita p(3), duda rb(3), abid mr(1)(3).

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