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hot sale x ray unit for cancer hospital in Greece

Breast screening: screens women for breast cancer and is usually linked to the x-ray or radiology department. burn center (burn unit or burns unit): a hospital specializing in the treatment of burns. burn centers are often used for the treatment and recovery of
X-ray markersx-ray markers are used to mark x-ray films in hospitals and in industrial workplaces. they are placed on radiographic films to mark the areas of the body that have been scanned and will often have the date of the scan and the patient's name.
Dental x-rays are the safest among x-rays and patients are exposed to very little radiation. dentists use digital x-rays that are less harmful than traditional x-rays. patients should tell the dentist about any existing health condition or if they are pregnant. the dentist will not use x-rays to risk the health of patients unless absolutely necessary.
X ray x-ray generator comprises of electrode paircathode and anode. when the highly negatively charge cathode rays hit the positively charged anode, large amounts of energy is released which can pass through tissues and organs of the body but not bones which ultimately produces an image of the bones after being reflected.

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