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professional fluoroscopy x ray machine in Greece

The pro-fluo 150 phantom is dedicated for acceptance and constancy tests of radiography and fluoroscopy equipment according to the new din 6868-150 standard. pro-rf rack 02-301
Blx-5 dental x-ray machine portable film imaging digital +positioner holder dental x-ray sensor positioner. applied for traditional or smaller dental films and wireless imaging plates (digital sensor). the clamp size can be adjusted for different imaging plates.
Mar 07, 2016 · fluoroscopy is based on x-ray imaging and the physical principles are similar to the plain x-ray imaging chain from x-ray beam generation to image display (see chapter 1). however, the procedure is performed using a specifically designed x-ray machine and uses real-time acquisition techniques and hardware.
Conventional radiography involves the use of x-rays; the term “plain x-rays” is sometimes used to distinguish x-rays used alone from x-rays combined with other techniques (eg, ct). for conventional radiography, an x-ray beam is generated and passed through a patient to a piece of film or a radiation detector, producing an image.

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