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mammography x ray factory

Mammography is an x-ray imaging method used to examine the breast for the early detection of cancer and other breast diseases. it is used as both a diagnostic and screening tool. how does it work? source: getty images. during a mammogram, a patient’s breast is placed on a flat support plate and compressed with a parallel plate called a paddle ...

X-ray tube radiation outputthe x-ray tube radiation output shall be high enough to minimize irradiation time to eliminate perceptible motion artifacts and reduce the dose to the patient resulting from reciprocity law failure of film-screen combination. the x-ray tube output should be at least 4.4 mgy/s (500 mr/s) at 28 kvp.
This is the x-ray photon energy that would produce an optimized image with respect to contrast and dose. the ideal or "perfect" x-ray spectrum for mammography would be made up of photons all having the same energy (mono-energetic) and with the ability to adjust the energy for different breast conditions.

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