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x ray unit for imaging center factory

The backpack x-ray. the delft light is a truly portable digital x-ray system for medical use and is especially suited for tuberculosis screening projects at remote locations. the system comes with a powerful, yet portable x-ray unit allowing for high quality x-ray images.
Whereas a ct, ultrasound, and x-ray take just a few minutes, an mri can take between 20 and 40 minutes. “mri uses magnets. we get a different look at the tissues and organs, and by that, doctors can characterize what the injury is, or the pathology is
X-ray imaging conventional imaging – the unit is equipped with two cr (computer radiography) devices and a digital fluoroscopy room. the tests performed at the unit include skeleton, chest, abdomen and facial bones photography.
Industrial x-ray imaging is commonly used as part of design validation and quality control processes across many industrial applications including aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, military and defense. similar to medical doctors and specialists checking for cracks and fractures in bones,...

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